As in all tropical countries, Nicaragua has only two distinct seasons, the dry season from December through late May, and the rainy season from June through November. The coolest and most pleasant months are November through January.

The entire countryside blooms and it’s impossible to count the various shades of green. The hottest and driest months are April and May they come at the end of the dry season. During the rainy season also called the “green season,” showers last an average of one hour in the afternoon. In the Pacific region, the average temperature ranges between 25 and 33 Celsius (80’s-90’s Fahrenheit). The central highlands average temperature is a bit cooler depending on the altitude, and the Caribbean coast is more humid with some areas reporting up to 5 meters (yes, meters) of rainfall annually.

The temperature of the sea water is between 21 and 27C all year (70’s Fahrenheit) on both the Pacific and the Caribbean side. Our visitors have access to a wide variety of beautiful wilderness areas to visit and explore. From jungle rainforest low-lands, to our northern peaks and cloud forests, to the expansive savanna, beaches and mangrove habitats on both coasts, to the numerous active volcanoes, we offer one of the most diverse and exciting landscapes in Central America. Nicaragua richly deserves its designation as the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.”

The traveler can enjoy Nicaragua’s incredible scenery even in its cities and towns, which are full of tropical plants and blossoms such as the sacuanjoche, Nicaragua's national flower. It is important to note that both the Nicaraguan government, non-government institutions and private initiatives have begun to focus on and implement protection of rare or endangered species and habitats by creating national parks, biological reserves, and a fledgling environmental education program. An ecological consciousness has been forming in Nicaragua, and TIERRA TOURS has been actively promoting this movement in part through responsible tourism.

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