Nicaragua is undoubtedly a country to be discovered!! Now considered by both travelers and world renowned magazines alike as a great destination to visit, but still considered a bit of a secret place to spend a vacation. A few years ago international tourists enthusiastically discovered the country and came to realize Nicaragua definitely possesses beautiful and exciting tourist attractions. Nicaragua known as “The country of Lakes and Volcanoes” has a lot to offer a visitor such as : colonial cities, tropical forests, a huge variety of fauna and breathtaking landscapes. Surrounded by its two great oceans (Atlantic and Pacific), Nicaragua also has volcanic islands, crater lagoons, a rich and impressive history, pre- Colombian treasures, a pleasant tropical climate, and is strategically positioned geographically. But without a doubt, its greatest treasures of the country are its people, customs and culture.

In Nicaragua, travelers can enjoy the sunny beaches of the Pacific Ocean or the sandy white beaches and the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Those who want to explore the ecological areas of the country will enjoy visiting its Natural Reserves and National Parks. Cloud-covered forests with huge old trees, hosting orchids and moss, make it a dream come true for the eco-tourist. Many mountains and volcanoes are perfect for the adventure tourist looking for a hike in the wild. A rich culture, colonial towns with well preserved architecture along with a warm population are a “must” visiting our country. Mostly, the distances between towns and cities are relatively short, which make traveling pleasant and more time for the tourist to enjoy the activities of each place that they visit. In the past few years, our infrastructure has grown rapidly and positively. Today we are able to receive different kinds of tourists, traveling with a different kind of budget and preferences.

Nicaragua is also prepared to attend its visitors, as we now offer many more activities such as: adventure tours, classical tours, sightseeing, hiking, special interest tours, self-drive tours, packages to the whole country and more. Our goal is to make the tourists visit more pleasant, enjoyable and with the desire to come back!! The most important is that every activity is arranged to ensure the safety of the visitors. For those traveling to different countries of Central America, Nicaragua will certainly maintain the most attention. And it’s easy to combine with other regional destinations like Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Panama and others. Tierra Tour can also help you organize those multi destination tours through the isthmus. Nicaragua and Tierra Tour Travel will be eager to fulfill your vacation desires.

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