Besides the typical and famous “Gallo Pinto” (rice and beans), or the specialty from Granada called “Vigorón”, the visitor has the choice of a wide selection of food. Beef and chicken are favorites, and fresh seafood is very popular near the coasts. Food is commonly accompanied with rice, plantains, potatoes or manioc, and salad. The vegetarian visitor to Nicaragua will find an assortment of fresh vegetables and tropical fruits not found outside of Central America.

Cooked and served on the street, the famous “frintanga”(grilled chicken, beef or pork accompanied mostly with plantain and salad ) will offer the traveler with a lower budget a great meal. In the capital, the visitor will also find many international restaurants and the famous fast-food chains. The most common Nicaraguan drinks are “pinolillo” made from “maiz” corn and cacao, the national beers “Victoria”,“Toña”, “Premium” and the internationally recognized rum, “Flor de Caña”, excellent for mixed drinks and cocktails. Outside of luxury hotels, the average price for a complete meal will start at $6.00; a beer cost about one US Dollar, and soft drinks are about fifty cents.

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