Here is an (-) 8 hours time difference between Central Europe and Nicaragua during the European summer and (-) 7 hours difference in the winter. There is a (-) 2 hours time difference between Miami or New York and Nicaragua during the daylight saving period and (-) 1 hour difference the rest of the year. Please take this information in consideration for the multi destination pick up and drop off schedule. For those who would like more specific information about our country and prepare for their trip, we recommend the following travel literature :

Travel literature:

For English speaking people:

Nicaragua Handbook written by Richard Leonardi, Edition Footprint Moon Handbook / Nicaragua written by Joshua Berman and Randy Wood

For German speaking people:

Reise Handbuch Nicaragua, by Veronika Schmidt, Conrad Stein Verlag. Nicaragua by Klaus Wiesner Reise-Know- How-Verlag Peter Rump

For French speaking people:

Le Petit Fute – Nicaragua Note that our country and its infrastructure are changing very fast and that most travel guides are not up dated. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to receive the accurate and valid information you might need. Before traveling check our Web Site for any extra news or additional information about your destination.

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